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Swing Dance With Me

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6 May
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My name is Melody and let me tell you I love the simple things in life! I am the biggest music fiend ever. I am obsessed with opera, broadway musicals and FRANK SINATRA! *le swoon* He is my idol. =D

umm...Im generally a nice gal...going through some crazy, weird, sad shiznat right now but im living and my friends are amazing. =D

What other random stuff can I say about myself?..well, Im afraid of clowns and heights. I am a coffee/cappaccino/frappaccino addict...like if there was an AA group for those things I'd definitly be the first to have to sign up. I don't sleep very much...well I DO it is just..at the wrong time..like as in..during the day instead of at night. =\ I procrastinate more than anyone you will EVER meet in your LIFETIME. I work at Wendys and despite what people say about it...I AM AGNOSTIC. deal with it biotches.

I love proving people wrong...especially when its something really big. I don't really watch tv...ever actually so don't bother asking me anything about ANY show unless it's Full House. I am a huge sucker for journals, scrapbooks and poetry.

As you probably noticed I am also a big fan of rambling. I have a rambling notebook. Fun stuff tis. =P

Well I guess that's all I have to say for right now. Feel free to read the journal...oh wait it's friends only...haha well, comment and see what happens. ;D


**HELPFUL ADVICE>don't drink 4 cappaccinos, one right after the other, on 3.5 hours of sleep

<3RANDOM QUOTE>"I see your face in every flower, your eyes in stars above. It's just the thought of you, the very thought of you, my love."-Frank Sinatra

~ONE LAST THING>follow your heart no matter what ANYONE says...even your father (that sounds super corny but it's so true)

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